Residential Tenants Guide

All of the properties that we let our owned, managed and maintained by us. This gives us complete control over the properties so repairs and maintenance issues can be resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible. This guide has been compiled to assist prospective and present tenants with the responsibilities and potential problems they may face.

Care of property

No variation of the decoration is to be undertaken without our prior written consent. All properties will be inspected before move in date and once the tenant has vacated. Anything considered more than wear and tear will be classified as damaged and the tenant will be held liable.  If the tenant identifies any damages to the property before moving in please notify us.

Council tax & Utilities

Meter readings will be recorded on move in date. All utilities are to be paid for by the tenant during the period in which they occupy the property. You must set up an account with your preferred service provider at the beginning of the tenancy and make sure to cancel it once vacating the property. The tenant will be responsible for the payment of council tax, water, electricity, gas, telephone and TV licence where applicable.


In some cases we will ask you to provide a guarantor to ensure us that rent payments will always be made. We will inform you if this is necessary.

Hold deposit

If you are interested in one of our rental properties and would like to reserve it you can secure it for up to 4 weeks, via a holding deposit. This is a non refundable payment made towards your tenancy. If you decide not to proceed with the tenancy you will forfeit the holding deposit. The only instance whereby the deposit will be refunded is if The MPL Group decides not to proceed with the tenancy.

Inspection of properties

We carry out inspections of properties every 6 months to ensure that the property is being kept in good order. Inspections will be carried out at a time convenient with all.


Building insurance is covered by The MPL Group, however it is the responsibility of the tenant to organise their own insurance. The MPL Group will not be held liable for any personal losses.

Notice of moving out

After the initial 6 months of your tenancy you will be required to notify us 2 months before your departure date. During this time we will require access to show your property to prospective new tenants. All viewings will be scheduled at a time that is convenient to everyone.


It is prohibited and a breach of contract to keep any animals or pets in the property without permission from The MPL Group

Problems and emergencies

Water Leak from your flat

Turn the stop cock off immediately and contact us on 01304 360 900 (Stop cocks are usually found either under the kitchen sink or in a communal area).

Water leak from above flat

Remove/turn off all electrical appliances that are close to where the water is entering. Try to contact the tenant above and advise them to turn off their stop cock. Ring us on 01304 360 900

Internal gas leak

If you smell gas and believe it is coming from your property shut the gas off at the meter. Call us on 01304 360 900

Electrical trips

In the event that your power has tripped, turn off all sockets and lights and reset the switch that has tripped on your fusebox.  Then plug in each appliance one by one until it trips again, whichever appliance you plugged in before it tripped will be the problem.  If the problem is due to lighting that we have supplied contact us on 01304 360 900


If you have locked yourself out of the property please ring our offices on 01304 360900. The cost of replacing a set of keys is charged at £10 per key.

Rental Payments

All rental payments are payable monthly in advance in accordance with the tenancy agreement.

Report a problem

Please email to report a repair, fault, or maintenance issue

Tenancy agreement

All of our residential agreements are Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) agreements which last for 6 months.  Once a move in date has been agreed the tenancy agreement will need to be signed by both parties and the initial monies in full will become due less any holding deposit previously paid:

Tenancy deposit scheme

All deposits will be protected by an authorised scheme under The Housing Act 2004. The deposit will be held against non-payment of rent and to ensure that any damages over and above fair wear and tear can be corrected at the end of the tenancy. All deposits are held via The Deposit Protection Service. More details can be found here

Tenants obligations

You should be aware that responsibility for the property rests with the tenant during any tenancy. It is particularly important that any gas, electrical problems or water leaks are reported immediately and the property is fully secured when you leave it unattended at any time.

Some common activities can produce a lot of moisture in the property. To avoid damp and condensation make sure the property is well ventilated. Please contact us where problems of damp persist.